1. What is New Covenant Bible College?

New Covenant Bible College was established in the summer of 2013 by Rev. Nathan “Kyle” Bailey as a Satellite Campus of Covenant Bible College and Seminary. Rev. Bailey has worked in Ministerial Academics since 2011 as a Professor at Covenant Bible College and Seminary and in 2013 became the Director of Covenant Bible College and Seminary, Vero Beach Campus. In August of 2016 New Covenant Bible College was established an autonomous college, with its own accreditation and administration.

2. What is the Goal of New Covenant Bible College?

New Covenant Bible College exists to equip and develop men and women of all backgrounds and walks of life to achieve their part in fulfilling God’s plan of reaching the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. What kind of studies does New Covenant Bible College offer?

A variety. NCBC offers a diploma program for the student interested only in ‘Biblical Information’. This is called the "General Diploma in Biblical Studies" (9 months of coursework). Associate Level: Associate in Biblical Studies, Practical Ministry, or Theology. The Advanced Associates program is a 3rd year degree. This offers the following: Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies, Practical Ministry, or Theology. The Bachelor program is designed to provide enrichment in the areas of biblical truths and effective ministry. At least 60 credits above the Associates level is required. A student may obtain one of the following degrees at the Bachelor Level: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Theology, Bachelor of Science in Ministry, Bachelor of Science in Counseling. Graduate Level: At least 56 credits above the Bachelor Level is required. A student may obtain a degree in one of the following: Master of Science in Biblical Studies, Master of Science in Theology, Master of Science in Ministry, Master of Science in Counseling. Post Graduate Level: NCBC offers two levels of post-graduate degrees: Doctor of Ministry requires 156 total credits plus a 150-page Dissertation Doctor of Philosophy requires 171 total credits plus a 150-page Dissertation.

4. How difficult are the courses and how much time is involved?

Our program is very manageable. Classes are held once per week providing a flexible schedule for any person who desires to pursue a degree in Christian studies. One course is completed every month for 9 months out of the year (September-November & January-June) in order that students may focus and retain information better. Each student is required to complete 72 hours of ministry practicum at their home church every year. This ensures that although students will attend classes in the Freedom Church building, they will provide committed assistance and attendance at their home church. We also provide Ministry Experience Credits for Pastors so that they can begin working on the advanced degree that they qualify for immediately.

5. When are classes held?

Classes are held from 6:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. on Monday nights at Freedom Church (455 58th Ave SW, Vero Beach FL 32968). Classes are comprised of 3 45 minute sessions, one night per week. Classes are in session Between September-November & January- June each year.

6. How does the application process work?

Call 772-562-3185 to apply.

7. Is New Covenant Bible College an accredited college?

Yes. New Covenant Bible College is accredited with  the National Bible College Association. The National Bible College Association seeks to provide non-governmental recognition and certification by way of providing accredited status to small, private, independent Christian institutions of higher learning. NBCA's goal and purpose is to recognize, endorse and accredit institutions of higher learning that are dedicated to the principles of the Kingdom of God and the effectual nurturing and training of Ministers throughout the United States. See: http://www.n-b-c-a.com/ 

8. What is the doctrinal position of NCBC?

Evangelical, Protestant Christianity. See "Statement of Faith" Tab for more info.

9. Can I transfer in credits for advanced standing?

Yes. Usually English, History, and Social science classes are transferable from secular colleges. Typically all theological courses are transferrable from other Theological Colleges/ Universities.

10. Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we do offer video courses and a correspondence program for students who have a qualified conflict of interest that forbids them from attending class on Tuesday nights.

11. How long does it take to complete a course?

One month for each course. One course is completed every month for 9 months out of the year (September-November & January-June). At the end of each month a 1 & 1/2 spaced research paper and open syllabus exam are due to receive credit for the course.

12. How do I enroll into a Degree Credit Program?

See #6

13. How much is tuition?

Tuition fees are as follows:

Audit Student $75 each course

Undergraduate Program (DIploma- Bachelor) $150 per month, 9 months per year (or $1,350 full year's tuition).

Master’s Degree $2,035 (payable in eleven installments of $185)Doctor of Ministry Degree $1,600 (payable in ten installments of $160)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Coursework Phase $925 (payable in five installments of $185)

Dissertation Phase $1,600 (payable in ten installments of $160)

14. What is included in the course materials?

1 Syllabus and 1 Exam. Textbook lists are provided which are ordered online by the student.

15. What if I have other questions not addressed here?

Email us at info@newcovenantbiblecollege.com